Our Team

Jonathan Fishbeck

Jonathan Fishbeck, founder and Chief Executive Officer, oversees our design-build standard. Jonathan collaborates with you and our team throughout the entire process. Jonathan studied computer science in college and approaches each project with the same meticulous approach so construction proceeds smoothly within the agreed upon budget and timeframe.

Away from work, Jonathan practices yoga, lifts weights, golfs, travels, boats and loves spending time with his family.

Todd Hawkins

Todd Hawkins, founder and President, focuses on business strategy, growth and marketing. Todd creates the majority of the company's communications, teaches Universal Design and promotes the BuilderFish cause of Lifetime Homes throughout our social media.

In his spare time, Todd enjoys container gardening, fishing, playing lacrosse and being outside with the family.

Leslie Velasquez

Leslie Velasquez, Comptroller, coordinates all aspects of our finances. We call her the "Paycheck Lady". Everyone within and outside our company should be nice to Leslie.

Away from the books, Leslie likes to travel, garden and have fun outdoors with her family. Learn more about Leslie by watching this video .

Tracy Christian

Tracy Christian, Director of Strategic Operations, collaborates with Jonathan, Todd and our department heads to research, develop and implement operational inititiatives. You may not see her but Tracy’s touch is baked into most of our company processes.

Tracy enjoys reading, skiing, horseback riding and cheering on the teams of her alma mater, the University of Virginia. Learn more about Tracy by watching this video .

Kelly Harrigan

Kelly Harrigan, Private Service Coordinator, develops all aspects of our five-star, estate management. An expert in concierge household service, Kelly is a member of the Domestic Estate Management Association.

Kelly loves reading, yoga, travel and learning about historic homes. Learn more about Kelly by watching this video .

Amy Turnage

Amy Turnage, Design Consultant, advocates the convenience and practicality of Universal Design , but gained a finer appreciation following a hip injury from one of her many recreational activities, which include jogging, backpacking, skiing, white water rafting and kayaking. Amy focuses on delivering our client’s vision with a creative, personal, socially sustainable approach, plus she’s simply a delightful person.

Learn more about Amy by watching this video .

Jason Shelby

Jason Shelby is Director of Client Relations, your personal concierge through design, selections and construction.

Jason has a demanding job ensuring your lifestyle goals are realized. An effective listener, he is your first point of contact for anything related to your project and guides you throughout design and construction. Jason collaborates with you and continually communicates and coordinates your goals and requirements to members of the team, updating and assisting as you prefer to ensure top shelf service from the beginning to project completion.

Jason works out, golfs and enjoys travel and fine dining.

Scott Mullins

Scott Mullins, Estate Project Manager. A Class-A General Contractor, Scott is the boss of your project site as well as an expert in custom log homes and cabins if you're considering that type of second home.

Scott is an avid outdoorsman, marksman and licensed hunting guide in Montana who leads annual trips in Big Sky Country. Learn more about Scott by watching this video .

Chris Covington

Chris Covington, Excavation and Concrete Division Manager, leads our excavation division and safety program. Chris plays in the dirt for a living, is an All-Star behind the wheel and makes sure everyone on our job sites isn't doing anything risky.

When not moving earth, Chris enjoys fly fishing, camping, canoeing and spending time with his family. Learn more about Chris by watching this video .

George Childs

George Childs, Carpentry Division Manager. George is a master woodworker who calmly makes the complex simple and loves helping clients realize what they’ve imagined. He builds furniture and cabinetry and is gifted creatively, able to listen and provide a solution beyond expectations.

George dotes on his grandkids and enjoys fishing, hunting, golfing, bowling and playing softball and volleyball. Learn more about George by watching this video .

Eddie Espindola

Eddie Espindola, Lead Carpenter. Eddie is a master framer and finish carpenter. He is a consummate team player who gets along with everyone, takes great pride in his work and makes you smile because he always smiles.

Eddie loves spending time with his family, fishing and watching televised sports with friends. Learn more about Eddie by watching this video .

Bill Fowler

Bill Fowler, Trim Carpenter. Bill also builds furniture, cabinetry and fabricates custom trim. He is an efficient technician, little to no wasted effort in his woodworking, truly a craftsman. George and Bill complement each other, an effective tandem working together.

Bill is a former Marine who enjoys tactical shooting, hunting, fishing, camping and rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Learn more about Bill by watching this video .

Luke Mandichak

Luke Mandichak, Welding Division Manager, is a master welder and fabricator certified by the American Welding Society. He also serves as chief mechanic and operates heavy equipment within our excavation division. An artist with the blowtorch, his laser-like precision with steel and metals is uncanny, an exceptional talent honed over two decades.

Luke enjoys hunting, fishing and boating with his family. Learn more about Luke by watching this video .

Jesse Cook

Jesse Cook, Journeyman. No one in our company works harder, he masters quickly any task and can do anything in construction. Jesse hustles and cares about the quality of his work and going beyond the expected.

Jesse watches his kids play youth sports and enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing. Learn more about Jesse by watching this video .

Antonio Cardona

Antonio Cardona, Carpenter. Antonio is a well-rounded carptener who enjoys learning new things on the Discovery Channel and watching soccer.

Learn more about Antonio by watching this video .

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia, Carpentry Apprentice. Carlos likes import cars, boxing, music and the New England Patriots.

Learn more about Carlos by watching this video .

Jose Villatoro

Jose Villatoro, Carpenter. Jose excels in framing and exterior trim. Jose plays soccer in his spare time.

Learn more about Jose by watching this video .

Dylan Rogers

Dylan Rogers, Carpentry Apprentice. Dylan is dedicated to physical fitness and wellness, plays guitar and works on cars.

Learn more about Dylan by watching this video .

Jim Bain

Jim Bain, Chief Technical Officer, organizes and beautifies our ideas into what you see, sharp design and straight forward site navigation. In other words, Jim cleans up Todd's spaghetti mess. He is an Apple/Mac expert.

Outside the office, Jim plays lacrosse, basketball, mountain bikes and follows technology. Learn more about Jim by watching this video .