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Meet David Owens

David’s mother homeschooled him start-to-finish, which nurtured his curiosity and talent developing new skills.
Learn more about David by <<watching this video>>.

David’s mother homeschooled him start-to-finish, which nurtured his curiosity and talent developing new skills.

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Lifetime Home Survey Update

We update quarterly our Lifetime Home Survey (LTHS) with new products, features and applications demonstrating Universal Design for the home. However, the January version below is the most recent because we haven't changed anything.

Our LTHS resides permanently at and serves as a wish list or assessment tool for specific areas inside and outside your home. Download either the “mini”, 2-page executive summary or the full 32-page assessment by clicking the links below and see our Universal Design page for pictures, ideas and a whole house tutorial.

For those with ratcheted up virus protection, the PDFs include many embedded hyperlinks to examples, resources and supporting information so your virus software may give you a warning or inhibit the download. Most of the colored text is an embedded link, click to be taken to the source information or product. Before the end of 2015, we will eliminate the PDFs and make the survey entirely web formatted. 

Lifetime Home mini-Survey (LTHS) BuilderFish 1-5-15

Lifetime Home Survey (LTHS) BuilderFish 1-5-15

Email me if you're having problems and I will send the LTHS as PDF attachments, and I welcome any comments or questions.

Meet Jason Shelby

We refer to Jason as The Mayor because of all the people he deals with doing his job. Clients have literally said, “We love Jason”, but now there’s less of Jason to love since he discovered high heat yoga.

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Helga Rocks

Helga Feden’s work is interesting, remarkable and challenging. After meticulously studying and sketching, she recreates the natural by carefully sculpting and carving under time pressure from the minute she starts.

Meet Jim Bain

Know anyone who cannot sleep if they don't understand how something works? That's Jim with technology, particularly his beloved Apple products.

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Universal Convenience

You likely don’t realize you already have some universally designed features and fixtures in your home, which is as it should be. Universal Design (UD) has been tagged as “aging-in-place” and the awful “handicap accessible”, but it’s also kid-friendly and efficient, convenient for anyone.

“Aging” and disability/inability are problems UD solves but, as Design Consultant Amy Turnage explains, Universal Design is simply the smart, user-friendly and attractive choice regardless of the preferred style and location of the house.

Click here to learn about Universal Design or for specific considerations for your home.

Meet Amy Turnage

Lead Designer Amy Turnage and her sister Emily are both unique and very much alike. Amy's love of fishing helps you tell them apart.

Meet Amy's coworkers at our Team page.

Magic Faucet

BuilderFish President and Preacher of Universal Design, Todd Hawkins demonstrates his favorite fixture. Like power windows in a car, you won't go back after you try a motion or touch activated faucet.

Email Todd with questions and here's more information about this particular Delta faucet. Kohler, Moen and most manufacturers carry similar models.

What is a Lifetime Home?

A Lifetime Home is personally convenient for anyone. MORE than multi-generational or "livable for a lifetime", everything in design and function is EASY, flexible and adapts to you no matter what happens (i.e. you can accomplish things, get around and care for yourself and others in multiple ways). How does your home measure to this standard?

Watch Design Consultant Amy Turnage describe how UD = Easy.

Any "house" can be a Lifetime Home. Regardless of square footage or type, a Lifetime Home is proactively designed and built so that you and your family can remain there for as long as you choose because you have efficient, socially sustainable options for using the property (i.e. the house adapts to you). A Lifetime Home is the opposite of Peter Pan Syndrome, which produces houses designed and built as if nobody changes, for the average person of an average height, age and mobility. A Lifetime Home is not a style but a characteristic or essence, a smart, high performance house regardless of climate or geographic area.

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