Meet Antonio Cardona

Carpenter Antonio Cardona enjoys listening to music and watching soccer, football and documentaries. Carpentry Foreman Eddie Espindola translates as Antonio describes what he enjoys most about work.

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Meet Luke Mandichak

A Steelers fan from Altoona, PA, Welding Division Manager, Luke Mandichak is a perfectionist, even on the grills he makes. A high school teacher nurtured his talent, even allowing him to lead class his senior year, and Luke became a master fabricator.

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Meet Dylan Rogers

Carpentry Apprentice, Dylan Rogers enjoys playing guitar and working on cars, but he is happiest mentoring others in nutrition and fitness.

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Meet Bill Draper

Director of Estate and Specialty Construction, Bill Draper grew up in Rhode Island, the son of a Green Beret. He studied architecture at Temple University but worked construction jobs to pay for traveling Europe. With an engineer's mind, Bill is our chief researcher and resident expert in all facets of construction with experience working heavy commercial to fine millwork. We don't start a thing without Bill's blessing.

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Top Performer Eddie Espindola

Carpentry Foreman, Eddie Espindola earned our inaugural Top Performer award for his novel solution to a problem and his mentorship of his team. Top Performer is recognized whenever a teammate improves BuilderFish with a creative approach or extraordinary effort. Congratulations Eddie for being our first winner recognized by his coworkers.

Learn more about Eddie and his coworkers at our Team page.

Meet Kelly Harrigan

Private Service Coordinator, Kelly Harrigan developed her management and logistical planning acumen traveling the world while in the Air Force. She found her life’s love in China, where she learned Mandarin on the fly.

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Meet Tracy Christian

Director of Strategic Operations, Tracy Christian is not a fair weather fan. She certainly enjoys reading or horseback riding on a nice day, but she prefers the sky to be falling.

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Meet Leslie Velasquez

Our comptroller, Leslie Velasquez enjoys communicating with people. She just prefers speaking personally or on the phone, not in front of a camera, so the television commercial her family did for their dentist remains burned into her memory, and getting her to participate in THIS video was like pulling teeth.

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Meet Carlos Garcia

Carlos is a carpentry apprentice who aspires to lead his own crew. A man of many talents, Carlos enjoys an atypical hobby.

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Meet Eddie Espindola

Eddie is a master framer, finish carpenter and arguably our friendliest employee. He is always smiling, a trait he must have developed as the fourth youngest of twelve siblings.

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Meet Jesse Cook

Jesse is one of our hardest workers and handles just about everything including carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical and driving equipment. He started in construction framing at age sixteen.

Jesse lives and works in the county where he was born but he looks forward to our next project far beyond the Madison County line.

Meet Jesse's coworkers at our Team page.

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