How cool is this?

LIFX reinvents the light bulb                                                                                                                             

Image courtesy LIFX

Our industry is innovating everything from insulation to lighting and wood screws. Construction and design are experiencing a renaissance of new products, applications and methods and I'll share what we're discovering as we scout and research for our clients.

The housing bust forced companies to innovate and differentiate in order to survive. Our trade magazines are full of manufacturers and vendors advertising everything from futuristic appliances down to reformulated construction glue, most of which is environmentally friendly. Some is proven and now commercially available at the large home improvement retailers while others are merely conceptual and just being developed.

I feature a Cool Product of the Week (CPW) each Friday in our newsletter, The Current (please subscribe, see box top right) and figure I might as well post here too, everything from tools to methods we're discovering during our research. I'll be sure to point out whether we have first-hand experience using and if the product is commercially available.

Floating air filters                                                                                                                       

Image courtesy Electrolux Design Lab 

For example, here are two which are not yet available but still fascinating.

The LIFX multi-color, LED and WiFi enabled lightbulb is setting records as a KickStarter project, having already sold out its pledges by topping out at $1,312,407 after beginning with a GOAL of $100,000.

And check out the student designed entries in the 10th annual Electrolux Design Lab.

I love the idea of Aeroball, a floating bubble that filters the air, although it could get a little annoying (certainly would keep the cat busy), but cool nonetheless!

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