How does Pretty Good sound?

Would a "pretty good" house be good enough to earn your money? How would you feel about buying or building a "pretty good house"? That's the code standard, a Pretty Good House (PGH), would be just north of Code Minimum.

Think I'm kidding? Serious industry thinkers wonder whether PGH should be a certification or standard, like LEED,  net zero, etc. to inform consumers about what they're buying. For those who don't know, building TO code is a minimum legal standard of structural integrity, performance and safety. PGH would be just above that lowest bar. Sound appealing in exchange for your hundreds of thousands?

Here, read about the idea yourself. At first I thought the post was a gag. This is where consumerism has taken us, sometimes literally as we recently discovered during demolition of a high-end home that had ZERO house wrap and a hole in the roof (absolutely nothing under the shingles).

There is some truth to this supposedly serious debate. People buying McMansions during the construction boom weren't getting PGH, they bought JGE = Just Good Enough as the production builders raced to finish developments. NASCAR pitstops aren't much faster and nothing has changed. Most builder grade materials where out in under seven years IF installed correctly.

But seriously, if PGH becomes a bona fide certification, consideration or fad, my industry is in sorry shape. Instead, might we assume responsibility for educating consumers about what's ideal instead of barely acceptable?

Meanwhile think of Code Minimum as the worst, legally approved standard. Pretty good wouldn't be a whole lot better.

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