How would you rate the QUALITY of your house?

Did you get your monies worth in quality and workmanship? (And when was the last time you saw a big builder promote the craftsmanship of its new construction?)

At one time the house above was brand spanking new and the owners beamed. Obviously time takes a toll on everything but how long will your house last relative to how long you plan to stay?

These may seem like dumb questions. I'm certain you at least care, maybe even worry, about maintaining and paying for your residence. But I wonder more deeply about what I presume most people rarely consider. Is your current home just a roof over your head or do you intend to never leave? In any case, are some parts of your home a hassle to use or maintain? How will you adjust or rectify, or will you make due in some way you haven't yet figured out?

Some questions to consider:

  • What are your future plans?
  • How will you and your family change over the coming years, and decades? (Kids? Welcome an in-law or parent full-time or part of the year
  • Is your home convenient, efficient and safe enough to meet your future needs?
  • How will you use all parts of your home and property, for instance a second floor or steep exterior steps?
  • Do you bank on one day moving into a retirement community or assisted living?
  • Can you afford or would you prefer to bring care to you as needed?
  • If your current residence is temporary, where is the last place you'll live and what does it look like inside and outside?

I wonder how many people imagine their "last house", or do they simply move with fingers crossed and hope for the best?

Two things occurred to me as I was shopping for a truck, I believe most people consider longer term needs more for their vehicles than their houses because people simply assume the house isn't going anywhere, is good enough and they'll continue to be able to use and enjoy just the same because they assume they'll maintain their present circumstances and health.

I'm also watching large tract builders throwing up houses two and three at a time, and I wonder about the buyers of those houses. What's their expectation of quality and how long those buildings will perform? Did they expect builder grade materials to begin deteriorating within five to seven years? How many decades will they be accommodated or will they have to adapt in order to stay? How important is the quality of the materials, systems, skilled labor AND the design?

Lots of questions and I'm curious, have you given your present home much thought? Email me if you'd like to share ideas or ask questions.

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