Integrated Project Delivery

From the moment we begin, we adamantly adhere to a total team effort, known as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), technical jargon for collaboration.

We call it "The BF Way", from start to finish we partner with you and everyone including vendors and trades with but one goal, your satisfaction of our standard for top quality and meticulous performance.

For example, the architect doesn't simply produce blue prints and say, "Here ya go, have a nice day." The architect (and maybe a designer too if not the same person) fly alongside us and you during design and throughout construction too.

The IPD method encourages and holds accountable the design, engineering and construction teams; surprises are rare with everyone starting and working from the same page as the project progresses to completion. Put another way, we do NOT start unless everyone understands the plan, and we take a timeout if someone isn't 100% clear.

Compare to traditional "business as usual" with everyone engaged independently, completing their individual tasks as if on an island and deliverables often are not agreeable to everyone down line, and you can understand how quality and cohesion suffer. Other than uncontrollable delays due to weather or materials (and those happen but should be mitigated), projects planned properly move smoothly even through hiccups because everyone is communicating and understands the reasons "why" and their role within THE schedule. Never among teammates should you hear, "I wish I had known."

The BF Way is proven, a best practice because work nowadays is so specialized that the enemy becomes inexactness if everyone isn't communicating and coordinated, and we refuse to build any way other than precisely. Notice I didn't write "correctly" (to whom?) or "perfectly" (too subjective). Exactness and precision can be measured and tracked so that's our gauge.

Contact me if confused or if you'd like practical examples how something works. Admittedly we're different, we purposely do the opposite of anyone in our industry because we're convinced you'll actually enjoy it better. When was the last time you thought of the word "enjoyment" associated with construction?

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