Thumbs up for Wind

We've cleared the first hurdle. We have ideal wind conditions for powering a new home to be built in Madison County in Central Virginia. Next hurdle, we're going before the Madison Planning Commission seeking a special use permit to operate a wind turbine and erect a 100-foot tower on the property. We're blazing a trail for all Madison residents to explore this natural energy alternative if their wind conditions suit.

If you're wondering, that thing atop the pole is an anemometer, used to measure wind direction, speed and pressure


Master turbine installer, Jeremy Hayes of Skyline Turbine, concluded a three-month, anemometer recording that confirmed the subject property generated suitable wind. Despite the current wind maps (measured in meters per second or m/s) for that area showing marginal conditions, Jeremy's data reported an average speed of 12.2 MPH, above what's typical for that part of Madison County and enough to serve as a wind power resource.
We're excited, crossed our fingers and toes during testing because the wind energy potential seemed iffy to start despite blustery conditions at the project site. Jeremy taught us about the "right kind of wind" (just because it's windy doesn't mean you can generate sufficient and consistent power).
I'll update once we apply for the special use permit.
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