Why do you cost more?

Wish we had a dollar for every time we're asked, "Why are you expensive?" Answer: quality, the best or nothing, we refuse to do anything inexactly. The time, labor and top shelf materials required to do excellent work costs money. True craftsmanship isn't cheap, there are no "good deals", you're not buying a can of corn.

If you don't read another sentence, understand that, more than most industries in which you get what you pay for, most often you get LESS THAN what you pay for in construction because companies squeeze profit margins to win business and then take shortcuts racing to completion within a cost intensive industry (e.g. labor, materials, equipment, company overhead). We go against the grain because we don't want to build slop that falls apart inside of seven years.

In construction, there's EXACTLY and not exactly. You'll hear others say we do things "right" (to them or you?) or "correctly" (I sure hope so!). But there's no arguing exactly, which can be measured. You're either exact or inexact, precise or imprecise. 

For example, air sealing and painting. You're either exact or inexact. Being exact takes time, care and triple checking. If you're not air-sealing exactly, then you're leaching air, which technically isn't "sealed". (You've likely seen inexact painting so I won't elaborate.)

Another example, here's the framing lumber we use, here's what others use, Southern Pine #2, including large tract builders whose names you see on signs along the highway.

What would you prefer for your home?

Email me and I'll gladly answer anything you'd like to know about how things work and our standards. We're proud of our thoroughness and transparency. We promote a return to craftsmanship in our trade practices, a breath of fresh air to many.

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