Why Pre-Construction Protection is Important


After spending thousands of dollars improving your home, do you also want to clean up after the builder? We don't think so, which is why we go the extra mile in treating your brand new home how we'd treat our own. I don't mean to brag but inform about an area that many builders slack off in order to pinch pennies, but you should expect, even demand, extra attention and cleanliness from any contractor working on your house.

The technical construction term for limiting mess and damaging mishaps is "protection", essentially covering things until you're ready to use them. Any home improvement project typically involves some form of DEstruction (demolition or "demo") before CONstruction improves the house. We believe strongly in taking extra time to protect the entire property inside and outside whether new or remodel, including your lawn, driveways and pathways. For example, we use Ram Board with Spill Guard to cover flooring, thick plastic and paper for steps and other surfaces as well as silt fences, hay and plywood to control mud and prevent splatters on driveways, sidewalks, patios and walls. When we leave, ideally it'll be as if a new home dropped from the sky.

Why bother? This is money and time well spent because every project requires clean-up. Someone must clean. Do you want to? Preventative protection plus cleaning and organizing the job site at the end of each days limits the mess. Saving all the cleaning and picking up until the end of the project takes even longer and often the homeowner inherits a massive chore left half-done after the trades bolt for the next job.

We feel that's just plain wrong, wouldn't do that to our mothers, so doesn't meet our service standard doing unto others what we'd do at our own home. Plus who wants to see their brand new stuff dinged, scuffed or scratched?
So know that we'll take special care as if we own. You should expect nothing less.


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