Introducing BuilderFish Cam

BuilderFish TV is live. Check out our BuilderFish Cam at Castlebrook Farm estate.

The BuilderFish Cam is live. View and manipulate the camera for our Castlebrook Farm project at BuilderFish.TV.

Here are a few basic user tips and I believe you can figure out the rest. Email me if you have questions and I'll describe more advanced features later (after I learn them myself-ha).

There are two primary tabs, Control Panorama and Control Camera. The panorama shot is compiled once daily after the camera completes an entire sweep, its software automatically stitches together all the shots throughout a 360 degree pan.

Control Camera is closer to real time and also takes time lapse photos. Control Camera is fixed to show the main house site. You move the camera by first clicking the plus (+) button and increasing the zoom. You'll notice the directional arrows light up after you begin zooming. This will make more sense once you see the building construction as you'll be able to zoom into parts of the home you want to see more closely. Right now it's zoomed all the way out.

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