Hassle-Free Kitchen

OK, I suppose until a kitchen that cleans itself is invented none will be truly hassle free but what I'm about to describe is close. If life revolves around the kitchen, why not make it easy as pie?

Last time I described ideal space and height allowances and this post concerns function, the primary features to look for in major appliances and fixtures.

This is Delta's touch faucet but every manufacturer now makes both touch and motion activated, many offer both in the same fixture, and at a variety of prices.

Every appliance or fixture you put into your kitchen should cater to effortlessness. Each should promote user efficiency and ease. We want to minimize lifting in favor of sliding, avoid reaching, stooping or any potential off balance movement preferring instead everything close at hand or easily accessible.

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How efficient is your kitchen?

I'm referring more to work space efficiency, not so much your appliances, although those matter too. Make the room where everyone gravitates and congregates the most user friendly. Daily living revolves around the kitchen so concentrate your budget dollars there if you can only improve one area of your home. Why? Because easy use and convenience ensure safety and control, therefore protection from cuts, burns, slips, falls and drops.

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How to make your home more convenient

You can significantly improve convenience and user efficiency by making inexpensive changes throughout your house, and I'm not referring to automation of the whole house, even though you could take a baby step developing a "smart home" simply by spending a little more for motion-activated switches or automated deadbolts and thermostats. All of what I'm describing can be purchased on-line or at the home improvement retailers.

But even if you don't want to go high-tech, boost the convenience of your home simply by swapping out round door knobs and traditional light switches. Every area in the house should have these universally designed basics promoting convenience . Each is simple and intuitive to use by the most people, whether standing or seated, with low probability for error and includes multiple ways of accomplishing the same goal.

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