Exactly HOW Windy?


How windy must it be to generate enough electricity to power a house? We're testing to find out.

We're helping a client measure the prevailing wind at their property to determine if they have ideal conditions for generating power. Just because a location feels windy 24/7 doesn't mean it has the right kind of wind consistently sufficient to generate enough electricity to meet demand. The current VA wind map shows their location in Madison, VA is marginal.
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A Nation of Old Homes


Seen this house? Like me, you might've grown up in one, or now come home to it daily.
Did you know that well over half of our nation's houses were built more than three decades ago? With a median (i.e. halfway point) year built of 1974, the vast majority of our nation's residential houses are functionally obsolete and you are chucking money putting lipstick on a pig if you do anything short of a total gut and retrofit of an existing house. Building science has in fact changed that much in the last five years.
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