Is your home Visitable or Livable?

What is it and why does it matter? Each has a technical definition related to property accessibility and each is important for personal well being. We are social creates who benefit from human interaction, your mental and emotional health (your sanity) depends on being around others, which you cannot if you or they cannot get around easily.

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How safe is your home for the long haul?


Is your master bedroom upstairs? For most families it's only a question of when, not if, they will need to decide about the living accommodations of an aging loved one, and the overwhelming majority of older Americans prefer to remain in their current homes.

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Easy Access 5 to 95: Design for any age or stage


Will your home age gracefully? Will you be able to live there whether or not YOU age gracefully? Universal Design for the home proactively cures literal obstacles to promote access and livability for as many stages of life as possible.

If you were in a wheelchair, could you pivot in the hallway of your home? Easily enter the bathroom or take a shower? Escape a fire?

Architects and builders address these problems by following Universal Design (developed by North Carolina State University School of Design). Our cause is making home life easier by informing clients about these livability options while work is being planned, recommending a longterm view about accessibility and ease even if the owner plans to move (i.e. attractive features for re-sale).

Universal Design (UD), as the name implies, is a common sense method of making house features comfortable and convenient for as many different people at as many life stages as possible, whether a child, older adult "aging in place" or someone with a physical, even mental, challenge. UD makes homes hassle-free from ages "5 to 95". Who doesn't prefer easier at any age?

Former building code and design standards assumed occupants being an "average person", based on a definition of typical health, height, etc. UD employs simple, proven concepts to make any home more comfortable for a wider range of people including families with young children, people who use walkers/wheelchairs, those taller or shorter than average or those who desire to simplify housekeeping (who doesn't?).

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