Sleep easier in your master bedroom

Where would you sleep if you couldn't access or get around your current master bedroom? How then should you prepare your bedroom (or another "flex room") so that it's truly "livable for a lifetime" and you've got a place to rest your head?

Maybe you've noticed reading this tutorial series that I've focused on convenience and ease by describing universally designed home features from a perspective of ANY-ability and not inability or disability. I've harped that UD = EZ to the greatest extent for ALL people, not just the frail or incapacitated.

Now however, I'll actually be emphasizing disability, namely preparing for the potential of limited mobility or the need for a caregiver in the master bedroom during some point in the resident's life. In other words, how to maintain sleeping in your own bed no matter what.

Now don't go away, keep reading! Some of you are about to leave because you think this doesn't apply to you but I urge you to consider carefully what I'm about to write.
What if you were injured in a car accident or suffered a sports injury? Those could happen at any time. Where would you sleep if you couldn't access or get around your current bedroom? I have personal experience and trust me, you don't want to add the stress of reconfiguring your house (or being forced from it altogether!) atop the physical and emotional strain of recuperation. Unfortunately, most wait until fit hits the shan and the family is in crisis; but, that won't be you, right?

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