Slip-sliding, No Way!

Invisia Collection by HealthCraft Inc

Look at the picture. Any guesses? What if I told you it supports 250 pounds? Give up? That soap dish a "grab bar". Would you have known if I hadn't told you?

That's the essence of Universal Design, done well it's unnoticed. One of the main objections about installing grab bars, "It'll make my bathroom look like a hospital or nursing home" is simply misperception based on where most people first saw grab bars (i.e. hospitals and nursing homes!).

But let's forget about seniority and simply think about convenience, if you're a runner and want to stretch, wouldn't it be handy to have this kind of support? Ladies, ordinarily what do you hold onto when you shave your legs? If you're going to have bathroom fixtures, why not have them support your full weight if you must reach out and grab something? 

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