How would you rate the QUALITY of your house?

Did you get your monies worth in quality and workmanship? (And when was the last time you saw a big builder promote the craftsmanship of its new construction?)

At one time the house above was brand spanking new and the owners beamed. Obviously time takes a toll on everything but how long will your house last relative to how long you plan to stay?

These may seem like dumb questions. I'm certain you at least care, maybe even worry, about maintaining and paying for your residence. But I wonder more deeply about what I presume most people rarely consider. Is your current home just a roof over your head or do you intend to never leave? In any case, are some parts of your home a hassle to use or maintain? How will you adjust or rectify, or will you make due in some way you haven't yet figured out?

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A Nation of Old Homes


Seen this house? Like me, you might've grown up in one, or now come home to it daily.
Did you know that well over half of our nation's houses were built more than three decades ago? With a median (i.e. halfway point) year built of 1974, the vast majority of our nation's residential houses are functionally obsolete and you are chucking money putting lipstick on a pig if you do anything short of a total gut and retrofit of an existing house. Building science has in fact changed that much in the last five years.
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