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NO step aerobics

Imagine no steps to climb to the door. Here's how that can look.

You won't get winded getting to your door if you've got ZERO steps to climb. Here are some options if you're attempting to achieve at least one step-free accessible route to either the front, side or rear entry. Access via a garage is another alternative not covered here.

Notice too that gentle sloping and use of retaining walls is aesthetically appealing, you can incorporate landscaping of all types, even raised flower or vegetable gardens and be universally designed in two regards, inclusive access plus easy gardening (e.g. tend your raised garden while seated).

I want to be clear that we're not anti-ramp per se, sometimes building a ramp, as opposed to an earthen walkway, is the only solution. Unfortunately, the typical builder solution is to always "construct" such that FIX = RAMP in every case. But even properly built ramps can be dangerous in foul weather and users undeniably exert more physical energy than they would otherwise navigating a non-ramp option. So to us, building a ramp is the last resort if we cannot produce in any other way a zero step entry.

One final point, notice that a no step entrance done well is visually appealing, blends nicely and really isn't noticeable whatsoever (like most things universally designed for the home).

Now let's glide through the door.

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