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Shower Thoughts

Do you start or end your day with a relaxing shower? What if you couldn't? What if your shower became an obstacle in your daily routine? I accomplish some of my best thinking in the shower. It's my island of solitude within a family circus. I shudder at the thought of one day losing or having diminished one iota my ability to shower BY MY SELF.

So while I hold dear my shower space and time, I also cherish my ability to shower whatsoever and realize many take this daily routine for granted. The shower is particularly a prime example of how the traditional design of our nation's standard code, "Peter Pan" housing just assumes nobody ages or changes. But anyone who has ever been injured or hindered by a mobility challenge knows taking a shower can become exhausting, even dangerous.

I describe over the next three posts how you can maintain your shower enjoyment through any circumstance. I've divided the posts into the shower area (walls and floor), safety bars and the fixtures/features.

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