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Any “house” can be a Lifetime Home—an efficient, universally livable home that adapts to you, your family and visitors throughout the decades. Think high performance and multi-generational, both energy and socially sustainable.

Watch Design Consultant, Amy Turnage describe the practical convenience of a universally designed home.

No matter the style, location or square footage, a Lifetime Home accommodates most people regardless of their age or abilities. Imagine whether a four year old could manage different areas and features of your home (e.g. open doors, turn on lights), or if you could easily accomplish most things whether seated or standing, like your activities of daily living. That’s the essence of a Lifetime Home, maximum “effort-less” moving about and living comfortably, conveniently, efficiently and safely. You’re in control, not your house. The house adapts to you not the vice versa of traditional design and construction.

We developed the Lifetime Home Survey (LTHS) to help you assess how well your entire property, inside and outside, measures in user friendliness, energy efficiency, comfort, security and social sustainability (i.e. remaining in the home as long as you choose). The LTHS includes the most recent best practices in building science, indoor air quality and Universal Design (“universal living” or better living design).

We update quarterly and announce revisions on our blog, fan page and weekly newsletter, The Current.

Click the respective links below to download in PDF. Click the colored or underlined text to be taken to sources and examples.

The mini-2 pager is an executive summary of core principles. The full, 32-page version covers every area of your property. You can also view examples at our Universal Design gallery and we’ve created a Universal Design blog tutorial to describe in general all facets of a universally designed property, which was written as a general companion to the detailed LTHS. The January version is the most recent.

Click to access:

Lifetime Home mini-Survey (LTHS) BuilderFish 1-5-15

Lifetime Home Survey (LTHS) BuilderFish 1-5-15

How does your home measure literally? Grab a tape measure and the LTHS, review your entire property and improve your home life!

Questions? Email me and, if asking about something specific on the LTHS, reference the line item and date of the survey so we’re on the same page.

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